Stella Sartoni is a ready to wear fashion line started from the passion and the experience of the namesake fashion designer, and from her feminine, glamorous and stylistic vision, deeply rooted in the quality and in the sophistication of the Made in Italy standard.

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The tailoring creations arise from the deep aesthetic sensitivity of Stella Sartoni, a fashion designer with a strong, creative and cosmopolitan spirit that after her classical musical studies, has decided to follower her deep passion for the fashion world and to debut with her own brand in the fall of 2017.

The passion for precious fabrics, like silk and other natural fibers, and the refinement of the details, meet the feminine and versatile silhouettes, revealing a series of exclusive looks balanced between an anachronistic elegance and a modern twist, all created for women who love fashion and want to stand out from the crowd, starting from the uniqueness of their clothes.



Stella Sartoni‘s woman is classy, feminine and strong. The elaborated and first rate tailoring, the game of symmetries, the uniqueness of the details and the “rock” accessories, are all qualities that confer personality to Stella Sartoni‘s collection, in which every fiber express the various side of her character: sweet and sensual, and at the same time strong and determined.

The cuts, the volumes and the proportions are all matched with extremely feminine clothes made of glitters, precious fabrics and soft silhouettes, a fashion line that makes you want to live fiercely and to shine bright like a star.

The research of inspiration is continuous and it is driven by the emotions expressed through fashion.  The objective is to tailor an unique and contemporary creation, accurate in the design and that meet the needs of the modern woman.

Behind every single tailoring creation there is a story, a piece of the life of the fashion designer, that thanks to her artistic sensitivity accentuated by her long studies in the classical music, make feminine, inimitable and unique every piece of clothing of her collection.

Stella Sartoni Collezione
Stella Sartoni Collezione

Audacity, elegance and femininity.

Stella Sartoni