I can’t live without fashion.

Every day I wake up in a with an urge to create, draw, change and try, because this is fashion, a world in constant evolution.

I like sophisticated and meticulously detailed clothes, with an excellent quality of the finish, indeed I accurately select first choice fabrics.

I work only with people who share my same passion for fashion, because only in this way you can obtain a tailoring masterpiece.

I tailor following my need and taking account of the currently living conditions of women.

When you are buying a Stella Sartoni’s creation,

you aren’t buying just a dress,

but hours and hours of experiments, practicing and failures;

you buy days, weeks and months of emotions, ranging from moments of frustration from moments of pure joy.

You aren’t buying just a dress,

but a piece of heart,

a part of my soul,

a moment of the life of someone else.

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.



A collection inspired by my past and my present. By the past because I used to play classical music, by the present because I have discovered my creative side and my deep passion for fashion.

I have decided to mix an elegant, sophisticated style, with a rock and strong one, creating modern garments enriched by contrasts and asymmetries.

I like to design unique, original, feminine and meticulously detailed dresses, that confer to the woman who wear them a touch of sensuality.

I dedicate this collection to all the sweet, sophisticated and strong women!